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Scrap cable and electric Wire dealer In Mumbai

Scrap wire can come from several different sources, but the people who do business with us most are part of the electrical and general contracting trades. These can be individual trades people or virtually any size contracting company.Wire is a very wide ranging term. But in the recycling industry, wire is predominantly the basic material used in telephone and data cables, and as conductors in electric power transmission and heating. And, as you can imagine, recycling scrap wire is one of the scrap metal recycling industry’s key activity areas. Not all metals and metallic alloys possess the physical properties necessary to make useful wire. The metals must first and foremost be ductile and tensile, the quality of which determines the specific use of the wire itself. At Peel Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd, we recycle a great deal of wire and cable and have two types of scrap wire recycling machinery – a wire and cable granulating system known as a chopping line and wire and cable strippers.

THE KINDS OF SCRAP WIRE WE PURCHASE OR BUY : The wire we are most likely to purchase contains either copper or aluminum. The various types of wire can include BX Cable • Teck Cable • High Voltage Cable • Romex (or House Wire) • No 1 Insulated Copper • No 2 Insulated Copper • Aluminum Wire • ACSR • Power Cable • Communications Cable • Elevator Cable.